Patent Monitoring Simplified.

Patena is your digital Patent Monitoring Assistant.
She understands your priorities.
And keeps you ahead of the competition.

Empowering innovators

With Patena engineers can
focus on what really matters
— great inventions. 

Discover and track inventions that matter

Monitoring relevant inventions is becoming increasingly challenging.
Patena supports engineers using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). For important invention patents and utility models to be discovered, evaluated and tracked more effectively. 

new invention applications per year

The Patent Monitoring Assistant

Patena understands what matters to you. It analyzes and remembers your ratings and comments. For you to get more effective search results, reduce risk and leverage the time spent.

Simple to use

Simply provide an invention disclosure or product description. Patena does the rest and creates an intelligent monitoring profile for you.

Plausible to work with

Rate and comment on search results. Patena processes your feedback and continuously improves your monitoring profile. This way you achieve highly effective results.

Easy to follow up

Patena automatically informs about updates on competitors and relevant IP rights. This empowers teams to react promptly and effectively.

Arrange a personal live demo

We will be happy to discuss a solution to your team’s challenges.
Get insights into the features of the patent monitoring assistant and experience the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI).