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The German startup landscape from a new angle

At Patena, we examined more than one thousand startups from Germany for our new study. The top startups according to investment amount listed on Crunchbase, Deutsche Startups and in the EY Startup-Barometer Germany 2022 study were consolidated, and the database enriched with information, especially with regard to their patent publications.

This new database provides a unique analytical view of the innovative power and significance of intellectual property rights in the German startup scene. The study examines the following questions, among others.

  • How important are patents for German startups?
  • For which technology clusters do startups file most invention disclosures?
  • Do patents have a positive influence on the company valuation of German startups?

The full study will be published and made available to registered people in the fall of 2022.

Patena Startup Report — Unicorn Summer Edition

Sneak peek on German unicorns – as of August 2022

To get a first impression of the entire study, we already share the key findings on patent filings by German unicorns, i.e. startups founded from 2010, with a pre-IPO valuation of at least $1 billion.

  • There are 32 unicorns in Germany – of which 21 (65%) come from Berlin.
  • Only 25% of the unicorns have filed at least one patent application.
  • In total, German unicorns have filed around 100 patent applications; of these, a large proportion come from startups outside Berlin (85%).
  • 60 % of the patents are filed in the USA; on the one hand, this underlines the strategic importance of the sales market and the competitive situation, on the other hand, it illustrates that especially software patents (Computer Implemented Inventions – CII) can be filed more easily in the USA.
  • Few software patents are filed; however, with 12 software-related patents, Celonis proves that it can do otherwise.
  • Volocopter has filed by far the largest number of patent applications with 57.

Patena Startup Report

Unicorn Summer Edition

The term “patent” used above and in the study, as well as all related figures such as the “number of patents”, refer to published notifications of utility patents to the relevant patent office (e.g. DPMA, EPO, USPTO) and not necessarily to patent grants. Thus, no direct statement can be made about the validity, effectiveness or quality of the intellectual property rights. Invention applications withdrawn before publication and invention applications filed by intermediaries, such as patent attorneys, are not taken into account. In addition, multiple applications of the same invention to different patent offices (patent families) are not consolidated to account for activities in different regions.